The crooked battery


A battery placed skewed in a device will not be able to provide much energy.
Unfortunately this is also the case with the energy of man. A human being lives with a restless bouncy spirit like that of a flea that constantly jumps away from one spot to another. Nowhere does he find peace. Because of this bouncy turmoil, man hangs half skewed in his body. As a result the electromagnetic field receives little or no nourishment through the nerves, so our transformers, the chakras, cannot work together properly due to insufficient power flow. In short, our energy field is a battery that does not make contact with its energy points.
Thus, without indwelling peace in our bodies, we cannot be connected to our inner power source. That’s why we are so restless, tired or annoyed. We’re literally not grounded.

Calmness of mind takes us into deeper waters. As we become calmer and softer, we become connected to the earth forces that provide our basic energy. We let all the words and thoughts melt out of our heads and descend into the depths of our bodies.
When we have sunk completely to the bottom of our body in our flesh, in our belly and in our legs, we have entered our grounding power. “The word has become flesh. We remain silent and we feel that the energetic intelligence of our entire ‘fleshly’ body is aroused and can recharge itself from head to toe. Only then can everything in the body cooperate with the infinite cosmic intelligence. The temporary body in which we live transforms deep inside into a cosmic flowing spirit body. So quiet, so gentle, so still…. and so perfect.

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