Divine breathing machine

Above all, let us not think complicated thoughts. Above all, let us not believe that life is difficult or particularly complicated.
For everything is done for us. We don’t have to do anything ourselves. We don’t even have to take care of our own breath. Simply because we are being breathed at any moment by the primal movement of a divine machine to which we are connected. The breath does not come from our own movement. No, we áre moved. All we have to do is passively allow the breath to flow in and out. Feeling softly, we undergo the receiving and letting go… receiving and letting go. We may, no we can do nothing but give ourselves away to this super-powerful autonomous breath movement every time.
When we take the time to watch our breathing movement, we gradually calm down. We even notice that at the end, the exhalation falls completely silent for a moment. We sway very slightly like a bubble on the sea of infinity. Disappearing a little more and more, always a little more…

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