The Way

Who actually am I?

A person feels the need to ask that question when an essential dissatisfaction begins to awaken in him. An upset that comes from the feeling: Is this all there is? Is this what I am? Am I determined only by my thoughts, my images, my feelings, my appearance, my circumstances, my material possessions and my expectations?
Or could there be another area lying fallow within me? Could there be something hidden in me that has not yet been discovered?

The person who asks himself this question does not realize that his body and mind have been yearning for something that deeply demands his attention for years. He does not know that his soul is out in the cold. He does notice that he is dead tired.
What to do?

The only advisable thing to do is to sit still and just listen to the tired body. Just sit and listen. Feel how the brain is busy. Listening how it hums in the ears. Feeling how the heart is beating; the hands and arms are restless inside, the belly is hard, the shoulders tense and the legs hunted. Just listen, feel and perceive. By being aware of our tense fatigue, our body starts to respond silently. It starts to soften, gradually soften. Very slowly the busy game of unrest disappears.
The shoulders drop. The baggage of worries just rolls off. We are giving ourselves more and more free rein.
That is the moment the heart has been waiting for. It may also soften now. Life can finally flow through it. Our legs and arms are now becoming liquid like rivers. Rest slowly melts the whole body. Timelessness loosens us from time, and the present appears. The present is an infinite landscape in which we disappear like a tiny dot in a vast universe. We hear nothing as silence in our body. How remarkable, but that feels like coming home. Coming home to a quiet no man’s land. Never before has anything felt so secure and safe.
That is the way.

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